I Fix Stuff

For just as long as I have been developing software I have been involved in Information Security, I have a deep understanding of todays threats. From code auditing to firewalls and network segmentation I have solutions for both pre and post attack.

I Break Stuff

I provide Penetration testing, Want to know how your companies defenses would hold up in the face of a digital adversary? I can provide that with over 20 years of experience. Red Team simulations will provide insight into gaps in security as well as how your company is able to respond and mitigate the risk.

Software/Web Development
I write code

I write secure code for Web, Desktop and Backend systems. No matter what you have in mind, I can make it happen. I have been breathing code for over 20 years and I am fluent in PHP, Dotnet(C#/VB), Python, C/C++, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

I write in:

C#/VB DotNet